Maple Leaf Gida Ltd, as an exclusive owner of Donald Bubble
Gum trademark, manufactures legendary gum in its chewing gum
factory in Turkey.
Our main goal is to pass the feelings of our youth to a new
generation and bring you the taste of real bubble gum.
We ensure you to have every opportunity to share and enjoy the
real bubble gum Donald, just like the generations before!

55 years of existence

Almost six decades of world’s famous bubble gum brand in every
pack of Donald. It’s a brand that has been an all-time favourite
of people all over the world, those who insist on chewing Donald
Bubble Gum and collect inserts, rather than gums of other origins.
It’s a brand that has grown from strength to strength over the

Donald Bubble Gum Products
Donald Bubble Gum Products
Donald Bubble Gum Products
Donald Bubble Gum Products


Donald Bubble Gum

•Many people remember or know the legendary Donald chewing
gum, some even remember its taste and aroma, the modern
generation that did not see this wonderful chewing gum alive, still
heard something about it from the elders. Many have seen comics
inserts from this gum, in the 90s. Donald’s inserts were collectible.
•R. Markus In 1948, Robert and his brother set up the first gum
production, right at their place of residence in Amsterdam , using a
homemade wooden machine for mixing gum mass, rubber, syrup
and powdered sugar took a new shape in the form of gum.
•As it should be in any new business, the Marcus brothers worked
day and night, producing gum.
•It took a lot of time to implement a new product.
•Already in 1956, Maple Leaf had its own factory.
•In 1966, the famous Donald ML, which were produced until the
end of the 80s and were loved by many people all over the world.

Donald Bubble Gum Factory


lnviting all potential importers who desire to be a part of the real
Donald Bubble Gum brand to send us your inquiries and interests
for us to respond within the shortest possible time.

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